Limited edition The Parallel Effect Voyager patches, virtual drinks from parallel worlds served straight to your inbox, and limited edition Vigil for the Smooth Handfish reusable tote bags and tee-shirts are just some of the items currently available.

Quench Your Interdimensional Thirst

Feeling a little claustrophobic during ISO? Missing the “good ol' days” when discovering new bars and cafes was just a way of life? Why not take a trip beyond the essential services to a range of parallel universes currently not experiencing a pandemic?


Whet your interdimensional appetite with this delicious virtual drinks menu. When you place your order we will email you a fascinating report penned by one of The Parallel Effect's Many Worlds Voyagers about the political and cultural histories at play in the extraordinary universe where your luscious libation lives.

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The Parallel Effect Limited Edition Zine and  Many Worlds Voyager Patch

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The Parallel Effect Many Worlds Voyager