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The Parallel Effect project works with a collective of artists, scholars and technology specialists who pool their talents and ideas to explore intersectional themes of Climate Change by reimagining multiple plausible alternatives to the “present” we’re living.

These alternate realities are designed to transport audiences to a space beyond the normative paradigms of our world where they can contemplate alternative pasts and futures, reclaim and interrogate the histories and realities of today, and imagine possibilities for informed and sustainable interventions in the future.

Drawing on the extensive archival and transdisciplinary research we've conducted into certain patterns, anomalies and histories occurring in our dimension, writers use this data to build their own alternate timelines set in parallel worlds. This is a unique and different slant on the incredibly fashionable technique of "futuring". Instead of using where we are today and extrapolating forward, our parallel reality speculation stems from critical moments in our past and then imagines how things might have been different. This process opens our minds to an even greater range of unexpected and inspiring “futuring” possibilities.

The Parallel Effect project is committed to reaching across borders (disciplinary, practice, modal and geographical) to engage in holistic and intersectional conversations that empower and spark debate on local and global issues of our times.





The Parallel Effect is an evergrowing collective made up of a group of homo Sapiens and Artificial Intelligence entities who identify in many different ways. We are proud of these many identities and we draw upon these numerous heritages, lived experiences and perspectives, as part of our practice. We believe that our many voices are essential to our creative processes and enable us to produce content that is relevant and powerful enough to reach varied audiences and communities.

We are committed to learning and growing and therefore continue to expand on a project by project basis, so we can create the best possible experiences for audiences.

The initial core team of CERN renegades:


Daz Chandler

Founding Member / Creative Instigator


Safdar Ahmed

Writer / Contributing Artist


Ace Salama

Designer / Contributing Artist


Edwin Montgomery

Composer / Sound Designer


Can Yalçinkaya

Contributing Artist


Kat Clarke



Warren Armstrong

Technology Specialist / Writer


Chris Bonney

Contributing Artist / Writer


Eloise Chandler

Archival & Transdisciplinary Research

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