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Embark on an exhilarating journey with our meticulously curated reading list, where each book is a portal to a world of unparalleled insights, boundless knowledge, and perspective-altering treasures. We’ve put together a bit of a kaleidoscope of genres that range from the profound to the whimsical, the historical to the futuristic, and the introspective to the adventurous. Our selection is a testament to the diverse tapestry of human experience, with all titles promising a profound shift in your understanding of the world.

Hospicing Modernity: Facing Humanity's Wrongs & the Implications for Social Activism by Vanessa Machado de Oliveria

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs: The Astounding Interconnectedness of the Universe by Lisa Randall

Palestinian Walks - Notes on a Vanishing Landscape by Raja Shehadeh

Hollow Land  by Eyal Weizman


Still Alive by Safdar Ahmed

Ways of Being: Animals, Plants, Machines: The Search for a Planetary Intelligence by James Bridle


Rest is Resistance by Tricia Hersey


Mission Economy by Mariana Mazzucato


Why the Future is Workless by Tim Dunlop


The Hologram by Cassie Thornton

The Last Pictures by Trevor Paglen


One Country by Ali Abunimah

Anthropocene Feminism by Grusin


The Future of Another Timeline by Annalee Newitz


When We Cease to Understand the World by Benjamin Labatut


How to be an Anti-Capitalist in the 21st Century by Erik Olin Wright


The Next Revolution by Murray Bookchin


A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers

Four Futures: Life After Capitalism by Peter Frase 


The Future is Degrowth by Shmelzer, Wetter, Vansintjan


Capital by Karl Marx


From What Is to What If by Rob Hopkins


Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth


This Changes Everything: Capitalism versus The Climate by Naomi Klein


The Ministry for The Future by Kim Stanley Robinson


Propositions for Non-Fascist Living: Tentative and Urgent by Hlavajova & Maas


Hope in the Dark by Rebecca Solnit


Always Coming Home by Ursula K Le Guin


Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer


Octavia’s Brood Edited by Walidah Imarasha


Unlimited Futures: Speculative, Visionary Blak & Black Fictions Edited by Rafeif Ismail & Ellen van Neerven 


Another Now by Yannis Varoufakis

Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chthulucene by Donna J Haraway

The Future is Disabled  by Leah Lakshmi Piepzina-Samarasinha


Minor Detail by Adania Shibley


Arts of Living on a Damaged Planet Edited by Tsing, Swanson, Gan & Bubandt


How Forests Think: Toward an Anthropology Beyond the Human by Eduardo Kohn


This All Come Back Now by Mykaela Saunders


Mushroom at the End of the World by Anna Tsing

Freedom is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine and the Foundations of a Movement by Angela Y Davis

Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good by Adrienne Maree Brown 


Something Deeply Hidden by Sean Carroll

The Disordered Cosmos: A Journey into Dark Matter, Spacetime & Dreams Deferred by Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 

An Immense World by Ed Yong


The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber & David Wengrow

The Parallel Effect acknowledges and pays respect to Traditional Custodians and Elders of all nations and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of all First Nations peoples. 

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