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The Parallel Effect is a readily expanding, not-for-profit collective. We are passionate about producing work which stimulates conversation, promotes wonder, empowers action and inspires homo Sapiens of all walks of life through a captivating intersection of mediums, disciplines and technologies.

Celebrating the nexus of art, history, science, technology, democracy and education, we believe that trans-modal and interdisciplinary approaches are not only necessary, but logical, when it comes to creating and curating truly engaging experiences for diverse audiences.

The Parallel Effect is a genuine interdisciplinary collaboration and multi-faceted adventure with many projects on the go, and in development. This work is ambitious. Its physical and online manifestations are intended to evolve and adapt according to site and region - forging new connections, ideas and opportunities for audiences and makers in the process. Our resources are limited and our work and sustainability relies on commissioning support, donors and partners...Like you?

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