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What if scientists attached to Geneva’s Large Hadron Collider had discovered an interdimensional rift to a series of parallel universes that look, smell and even feature many of the same players we’re familiar with, but have each approached world building differently...

Would you want to take a look?

The Parallel Effect


The Parallel Effect story begins in a top-secret facility attached to CERN in Switzerland. It was there that the first Everett-Einstein-Rosen bridge, or “wormhole,” to another universe, was created.

The founders of The Parallel Effect were researchers there at the time, and immediately saw the wondrous potential of an open source version of this technology. People from all walks of life have always dreamed of better worlds – what if they could now actually visit and learn from them?

The nation-state backers of the CERN wormhole project also understood this radically subversive dimension of multi-dimensional travel, and predictably decided to keep it hidden from the general public for as long as humanly possible. So, in a renegade move, the founders left the project and took enough unpatented prototypes with them to create an EER bridge builder. One that is stable and portable enough to be deployed in “the real world.”

The experiences and learnings that have been, and will continue to be shared with audiences as a result of this EER bridge builder, sit squarely at a nexus of art, history, science, technology and education.

When we are taken beyond the normative and fraught, politics and paradigms of our world, participants are enjoined to contemplate alternative pasts and futures, to reclaim and interrogate the histories and realities of today's crises, and to rethink and imagine possibilities for informed, sustainable, democratic interventions in the future.

This is The Parallel Effect.

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